NCSC (Part of GCHQ)

NCSC (Part of GCHQ)

National Cyber Security Centre

About NCSC (Part of GCHQ)

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) is a government organisation established in 2016 as part of GCHQ (Government Communications Headquarters), the UK's intelligence and security agency. Its primary purpose is to protect the country's critical infrastructure and information systems from cyber threats.

The NCSC acts as a hub for cybersecurity expertise, providing advice and support to government agencies, businesses, and individuals on how to improve their online security. They work closely with industry partners and international organizations to identify and respond to emerging cyber threats.

As part of GCHQ, the NCSC has access to some of the UK's most advanced cybersecurity tools and technology. They use a range of techniques, including threat intelligence, vulnerability assessment, and incident response, to protect against cyber attacks and minimise the impact of any breaches.

One of the NCSC's key priorities is to raise awareness of cyber threats and the steps individuals and businesses can take to protect themselves. They offer a variety of resources and training courses to help people and organisations stay safe online. They also work with schools and universities to encourage young people to pursue careers in cybersecurity and help build the country's future cyber workforce.


NCSC assured training courses have become the gold standard when it comes to cybersecurity education. The benefits of taking such courses are numerous and can significantly enhance one's cybersecurity knowledge and skills.

NCSC assured courses provide a guarantee that the course content is relevant, up-to-date, accurate, and delivered to a high standard.

Such courses are subject to rigorous review and vetting processes, ensuring that they meet NCSC's high standards for quality.

NCSC assured courses are led by experienced cybersecurity professionals who are experts in their field. These trainers have practical, hands-on experience that they can share with students, making the learning experience more meaningful and relevant.

NCSC Assured Training

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